Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Why does Baby David look so excited, look at his giddy little smile, crinkled shirt and offbeat hair.

This is why!!! Hes treated himself to a packet of dreams from the rude newsagents who are friendly to all but I.
At 20p these are cheap at twice the price, for the ill educated, transform-a-snacks are a toy and a maize product all in one. I better clear some space on my desk so i can undertake some corn related carnage.
I quickly got out the components, Im not very technically minded but i felt i could work this one out. This is the chassis.
And this is a wheel
But this troubled me, is it a siren? is it a boulder? maybe it is a metaphor for my life and where its heading? either way i ate it, its real purpose was to be revealed.
Now i had full knowledge of most the parts i felt i was at a stage where i could build my own moon buggy, which should look something like this.
Mine looked like this...
I think if it were a spot the difference between the two in the Daily Telegraph, nobody would win the cash prize because they are so similar.
The vehicle rode out into the vast wasteland of my desk, stepping into the great beyond. It even ventured as far as Alex's desk.
Alex wished it well on its journey. Travelling without fear, looking for new civilisations, exploring the vastness of time and space until a bright light shone on it from yonder..
What is this.... and where did it come from, it looks hostile, baton down the hatches and charge the lasers!!!
Now i know what those items of starchy miscellany were before, they are in cahoots with the enemy!!! The Judas Iscariot of interplanetary warfare!
Prepare for batlle....who will win in this battle of good versus evil, heroism versus villain, truth versus lies...
Nice guys never win.....i still ate it though, thats the transform-a-snack, not the rubber band ball. Time to clean up after my brush with Intergalactica.
They won the battle but they'll NEVER win the war!

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Anonymous said...

and to think i have to work with this guy, i often wondered what he did all day now i know